I have an attached spa. Are there extra cleaning steps?


In the case where a spa is attached to the swimming pool and the water is allowed to overflow into the pool, both the pool and the spa share the same filter and pump systems, and they are connected to each other within the piping network. The spa will contain its own main drain, and may also have its own skimmer.

In this case, the skimmer and main drain operate exactly the same as in the swimming pool, and the suction line in the skimmer meets that of the pool immediately adjacent to the hair and lint trap attached to the pump. A 3-way swing valve will be present at this junction to regulate the flow between the spa and the pool suction lines. For normal operation, the pool suction line should be considerably more open than that of the spa to ensure that the spa does not drain. Since the volume of water in the spa is small compared to that of the pool, very little suction is needed for proper circulation of the spa. If a separate skimmer is present for the spa, and the skimmer contains a float valve, set the flap in the same position as that in the pool skimmer, and adjust the 3-way valve near the pump so that the vast majority of the water is corning from the pool skimmer (i.e. adjust the 3-way valve so that the spa suction line is almost closed). On the pressure side of the system, there will be separate valves present to direct water flow to the therapy jets in the spa.

To operate the therapy jets, simply open the swing valve, which is labeled "therapy jets", and if needed for more flow, partially Close the valve labeled "return". This will direct more water into the spa's therapy jets and less into the pool's main returns Be aware that the water in the spa will overflow into the pool, and if the spa is heated, some heat may be lost to the pool.

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