Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my pool look so big at dig?
A. When the pool is "laid out" for dig, form boards are set back 12" in all directions to allow for the 12" thickness of the pool.

Q. Why aren't my steps in the pool?
A. When a pool is excavated, the step or bench areas many times cannot be formed by a trimmer. In this case, the gunite crew will form the steps per plan.

Q. Will a chip in the gunite matter?
A. Small chips and surface cracks are common in gunite. These areas will be covered with tile, deck, and plaster.

Q. Why do we have (2) tile choices?
A. Sometimes during the summer season distribution runs out of tile. Having a second choice eliminates the possibility of construction delays.

Q. When will my fence go back up?
A. Your fence will be installed after the deck stage of construction. Prior to deck we will use a temporary barrier.

Q. Will temporary fence hold my pets and children in the yard?
A. NO!

Q. Should water be put on the pool deck?
A. Water is good for gunite and pool deck. Use liberally as instructed to enhance the concrete curing.

Q. Why is my deck color darker than expected?
A. When concrete is poured, the mix is wet. It's not until the mix hardens and cures that the color will lighten.

Q. How does the pool fill with water?
A. The plaster crew will put a hose wrapped with cloth at the bottom and start the water the day of plaster. Remember, water is good for curing cement.

Q. Can I turn the water off as the pool fills?
A. If the water is turned off before it reaches the tile line, a ring will develop and stain the pool. Fill continuously until the water hits the center line of the tile.

Q. Why is the water color "off"?
A. In some areas in Tulare and Kings Counties, the water will have some mineral content developing an "off' color. Not to worry, at pool start-up chemicals and filtration will polish the water. NOTE: If you have iron in your ground water, please let us know. Sometimes it is common in rural areas and iron can create a staining of the pool finish.

Q. Can we get in when the pool is half full?
A. NO! Pool must be fill from bottom to top. Any other way will cause staining. Walking into the pool before it is completely full will leave foot prints on the new finish.

Q. Can we swim as soon as the pool is filled and started?
A. In most cases, yes. If the chemical content is too high, some eye irritation may be noticed. Please ask us during the start up phase.

Q. How long should we stay out after adding the chemicals?
A. Usually sixty (60) minutes. Chemicals should be added to the deep end of the pool.

Q. Why does my deck color and plaster look uneven in shade or overcast?
A. Plaster is a cement product and one characteristic of cement as it cures is an uneven blend of color. This is normal for white plaster and is usually only noticed when the pool is shaded. It is more noticeable when plaster is colored.

Q. Will colored plaster get uneven color?
A. Yes, this is normal with the curing process.

Q. Will rocks around the pool cause a chemical problem?
A. No, we set our rocks a few inches out of the water, unless the buyer requests that they be submerged.

Q. Why does the pump look like it is running empty?
A. There should be no air bubbles in the pump volute if your pump is running properly.

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