What is the pool start-up process?

When your pool is full of water. Paradise Pools™ will come out and start up the filtration system and add the appropriate chemicals to your pool. Your system will be left running for a long filter cycle until water has been polished.


After your pool has been started, Paradise Pools™ will call you and set up an appointment for your personal instructions. Please allow at least (1) hour for this instruction time. You will be given detailed instructions on how to operate your pool equipment. It is essential that you receive these instructions. Our staff will answer any questions you may have at this time. Be sure to read all the printed information that we leave with you. You will be referring. to this information until all of the procedures are familiar. The pool must be brushed down (2) times a day for a period of (2) weeks, until the new plaster is completely aged. During this same period, the "raw" water in your pool will be filtered for the purpose of taking out impurities. It is advisable that you clean the filter frequently. You are actually cleaning the same water that you drink from the tap. Notice how much clearer and cleaner it is after it has passed through your filtering system.


In order to have a first class finish on your pool, it is imperative that you follow the list of procedures as stated in the above information.


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