What's involved in the gunite process of my pool construction?

The next process of your pool construction is the application of the gunite. Gunite is a mixture of sand, rock, cement, and water, which will be applied by an experienced Paradise-trained technician. These technicians will skillfully shoot the concrete around your pool's steel reinforcement grid.

After your gunite has been completed - we will need your assistance to allow the gunite to cure properly. If you can not be present, or have somebody else present during the gunite process you will need to make arrangements for a Paradise technician to perform the gunite curing in your absence. (Additional costs may incur for this service.)

You will need to water your pool a minimum of 2 times a day during summer construction and at least once during winter construction, between the hours from 7 am to 7 pm. You will need to do this for 10-14 days. Simply use your garden hose (without a nozzle) and wet the pool thoroughly, top to bottom. Don't worry about the water collecting in the deep end 'of the pool, it's normal and will be pumped out before we apply your pool's interior finish.

*Please note if you have not yet made your tile and deck choice you need to do this a soon as possible as not to delay the construction of your pool.


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