Pool Care Guide Introduction


From the moment your new Paradise swimming pool has been installed and filled with fresh water, proper care must be taken to ensure that algae or other organic contaminants do not accumulate. In addition to proper filtration and regular cleaning maintenance, the addition of chemicals is essential to keeping your pool sparkling clean. This section of the Customer Care Manual serves to introduce you, the pool owner, to the chemicals used in swimming pools, and to the testing and addition procedures required to maintain the levels of those chemicals. Each major chemical is defined in detail, along with the various testing and addition procedures, and some basic troubleshooting guides. While the information contained in the following guide is fairly comprehensive, it is recommended that you visit the pool professionals at your nearest Pool Supply Store regularly to keep abreast of the latest swimming pool treatment techniques and to have your pool water thoroughly tested by computerized testing facilities.

This section of your Customer Care Manual is divided into nine sections, each corresponding to a different aspect of swimming pool chemical care. Chlorine and pH, considered the "basics", are explained in detail, as well as total alkalinity, conditioner, water hardness, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The most common metals (other than calcium), copper and iron, are also discussed. A thorough investigation into the major types of algae is presented, and the section is concluded with an introduction to the first few weeks of swimming pool care.

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