What happens during the first 14 days of my new swimming pool?


From the moment construction of your swimming pool is complete and it is filled with water, the chemicals must be kept at their ideal levels. Most important is the chlorine concentration. Some type of chlorine (tablet, granular, or gas from a chlorine generator) must be added immediately to ensure the prevention of algae growth. In addition the total alkalinity and the pH must be tested to determine the need for acid or soda ash, and, if necessary, calcium should be added to prevent damage of the pool surface from soft water. In plaster pools, the water will be very cloudy for a week or more. During this time, it is necessary to brush the pool with a standard nylon pool brush at least two times per day, circulating the pool water with the filtration system 24 hours per day for the first 2 days.

The filter will require cleaning almost every day to remove the extra plaster dust from the water, and it is possible that the pool will require large amounts of acid during this time as well. It is always best to make sure that the water requires acid (by testing the pH) before adding it. If there is an imbalance in both the pH and the total alkalinity, it is recommended to bring the total alkalinity to the ideal level first, then adjust the pH as needed. There will be a time when the porous fresh plaster will have absorbed quite a large amount of acid and the demand will decrease.

It is unwise to get into a habit of adding acid, and forget to test the pH beforehand. The total alkalinity will also begin to rise with the presence 'of the additional plaster dust. Once the plaster dust has been removed from the pool water, it is then time to add conditioner to the pool. Since conditioner does not dissolve rapidly, it is necessary to allow the system to circulate for at least four days without cleaning the filters (as the conditioner usually dissolves in the filter). This is not practical while large amounts of plaster dust are still present. After four days have passed from the time the conditioner was added, take a water sample to your local Pool Supply Store to have the water thoroughly tested. At this time, all chemicals should be at their ideal levels, and your new Paradise swimming pool should be ready to enjoy.

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