How often should I brush my pool?


Even though most modern swimming pools are equipped with an automatic cleaning system, there is no substitute for a thorough brushing of the walls, steps, benches, and bottom of the pool. Most automatic cleaners can't scrub the floor, steps, and benches to remove small debris and algae spores from the pores in the pool surface, and this must be done to ensure a stain and algae free pool surface.

It is recommended that the pool be brushed with a standard 18-inch nylon bristle pool brush at least twice per week. The entire process usually only takes 10 minutes and is well worth the time and effort. Be sure to brush the pool while the pump is operating, and to cover the entire pool from the tile line to the main drain. Sweep slowly and push the brush toward the main drain so that the debris will be pulled into the drain and then into the filter, where it will be removed from the water. If large amounts of debris were removed during this process, it is advisable to clean the filter afterward.

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