What do the pool valves do?


As mentioned earlier, each swimming pool has a different arrangement of the equipment. Because of this, each one also has a different number of valves, and their locations vary from pool to pool.

The Paradise Technicians label each valve on each particular system in order to inform you of the intended use for that valve. Please refer to the equipment installed on your particular pool for this information. Be aware, however, that the 2-way and 3-way swing valves installed on most pools have the ability to be completely closed and if every valve is in the closed position, an overpressure situation will result, and damage and personal injury may occur. To avoid this, extra care should be taken to ensure that at least one valve on the pipes leading from the filter to the pool (on the pressure or return side) must be open at all times to give the water a place to go.

Never close all valves while the system is in operation. All 2- and 3-way valves and round gate valves can be moved while the pump is operating.

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